Amy Cuneo


An artist residing on the NSW South Coast — Dharawal land. I work from life and imagination to create figurative paintings capturing those things that I cannot get out of my mind: moments, objects and sentimental imaginings. I am drawn often to humans, habitats and the sensation of being near to another or the natural world. Obsessions with colour, line and pattern drive the core of my practise.

The process of making a painting comes from a collection of stored personal photos in my phone, memories in the body and found flora on frequent walks in the local area. These components repel and attract one another as the painting process becomes more of a blind sculpture as parts pull and bend until there is a sense of wholeness. And by wholeness I mean; where all the imperfect parts are suspended together like family for a moment in time.

Amy Cuneo's subjects link us to essential and reassuring elements in our lives. Flowers, food, a window framing the sky, these are images that bind, as clearly as their colours shift under changing light. Her everyday assemblages weave with lived experience and the natural world. The comforts of home are pictured in her work in their intimate objecthood.
— Melody Willis

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Studio images by @alicemcconnellphotograpy