Amy Cuneo

Haus Wife

My mind is wide
A costco of nothing
Cotton wool underwear and how to use the most amount of nappies while getting the most amount of sleep.
I challenge not the Prime Minister (whose name I can’t remember)
I challenge my twoyearold Ninja Turtle determined to knock the knees
Off the baby hardly teethed and still soft.

My mind is tired. It won’t file your message; it’s unkind,
But the film of grime, slime of milk sucked drunk,
Shoulder slump from
Bent love leaning leaves me languid.

My heart is fired. All jets open pumping hormones
Hairier than anything you’ve tried.
It pulses
Cord clamped blood by the second.
Everyday gives my baby the stuff they’ll need a 100 years.

How was work?

Oh yeah I’ll pop some dinner on.